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But I'm okay with that. =)

I like that my first post of 2012 is a link. And I like the link.


The link name says 13, but it's actually 14, although I guess you could technically say it's 15... And the last one totally freaking rocks. Totally.
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Epic FAIL. Just goes to prove that I'm useless when it comes to sticking to certain things. I made it, sorta, up to December 11th with the prompts and then after that I just...stopped. Forgot. Too lazy. Burnt out. Who knows. Didn't even make it half way. *sigh*

In other news, Happy Solstice! December 21st is ending in half an hour so before it does I figured that it at least needs a mention. And Christmas is just around the corner. I miss my family... I miss...Americanized Christmas. I miss a "winterized" Christmas. The holiday season isn't what it used to be. I wonder if it will ever get easier...
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Title: Grateful for Geese
Prompt: pipers piping
Word Count: 461

On the first day of Christmas... )
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Title: Patience Is A Virtue
Prompt: holly, ivy, mistletoe
Word Count: 658

It always ends underneath the mistletoe... )

Title: Christmas Love
Prompt: moon and stars
Word Count: 173

Sparkling lights )

Title: Not Yet
Prompt: finding a tree
Word Count: 150

Wait for it... )
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Title: An Ode to Christmas
Prompt: holiday harmony
Word Count: 61

Fa la la la la, la la la la )

Title: Making the List
Prompt: belated thankfulness
Word Count: 129

The White Zone is for the loading and unloading of passengers, only... )
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Title: Letters to Santa
Prompt: bike and ice cream
Word Count: 286

Mission: Christmas Cheer )

Title: Fish Bait
Prompt: friends and fishing
Word Count: 163

Fun in the sun... )

Title: The Good Life
Prompt: feather & rain
Word Count: 569

Dancing in the rain... )
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Title: A Night Under the Snow
Prompt: snow and love
Word Count: 509

Sing we joyous all together... )
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Title: A Light in the Darkness
prompt: silver and gold
Word Count: 225

Christmas starts with a baby... )
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So...maybe not a thousand, but here in Oz it's 8:46pm on the 30th of November, ever so close to the 1st of December. My creative writing prompt has gone out to my Facebook page and I'm hoping that enough people will help out and give me writing prompts. I've started the first one off with "silver and gold" and asked the masses to give me one, two, or three word prompts to write projects on each of the days in December. John's ditching me tomorrow to go fishing with a buddy, but they have to use a 4 wheel drive to get there and Jason's only has room for two, so no me. So...I have an entire afternoon to kill and I want to get my first December writing project done with flying colours. Hopefully this will mean my December posting will increase. I've been a lousy LJ poster lately.

[livejournal.com profile] hogwarts_elite has proven to help with the creative juices. The last Hogsmeade weekend was ridiculously fun, forcing me to attempt more graphics stuff and writing things. I haven't improved at all, but it's allowed me to experiment with things. The following is one of my entries for one of the contests:

It's not very good but it could be a lot worse. I'm proud of it, for whatever reason. Despite the dark character of Bellatrix Lestrange, the colours are very Christmas-y, an unexpected but not unwanted effect. Me likie.

Been thinking lately of changing my default icon. I've been so in love with the bouncing ferret for so long though, I just can't imagine my journal icon being anything but. But times change...I move on. I think I need something that evokes the change from Harry Potter to...life. O_O
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So. I've pretty much given up on the fact that I'm going to finish NaNo 2011 with 50k words. Not really feeling bad about the decision though, seeing as how I've gotten farther this year than any other year. I'm fairly sure of it anyway. The only thing that's longer than my attempted novel this year is my novella that was based on HP RP characters, The Darkness of Tragedy, which stands at 17280 words. That was started July 2005, last updated November 11, 2010, though the last update which was posted to my LJ was back in 2008. According to my record keeping, there are about 4k words that haven't made it to the LJ posts yet... hrm.

Still, I like the path the story is taking and maybe I'll be able to keep it up and actually turn it into a novel. It'll happen eventually. It's on my bucket list, and seeing as how writing something always takes me so long to finish, I have high hopes that it will be done before I die. =P

After November ends, though, I think I'll start myself on a creative writing path. Since there aren't enough people who read my LJ anymore, I think I'll use my Facebook to get my prompts...get people to give me 31 random words to become prompts for drabbles/short stories, one for each day in December. Will I be able to do it? Probably not, but it's a fun thought. Besides, if I actually do it, the drabbles/short stories will be posted here. This journal did start as my "art" journal anyway. Perhaps it's time to start getting back to my artistic roots. Maybe that will help inspire me to write as well, if I get all kinds of creative juices going.

And OMG. Is it weird that, as I've gone back to try and find all of my prior NaNo attempts, they all can be turned into part of my current NaNo attempt?? OMG. IDEA!
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That's easy... I'd invest/save/put away half of it and use the other to help my husband start our business! He wants a bakery, I'm thinking some kind of bakery cafe type thing. Not only does it help us stretch our creative expression through the cooking of delicious sweets and yummy foods, a business of our own would help us earn the money to do the things we want to do. He wants to buy a bigger boat, better car, bigger house and plot of land for raising a family and having a mini farm/ranch type thing. We're talking a large vegetable garden, an herb garden, an orchard, chickens, horses, maybe a pig or two, a couple dogs, living spaces for each of them and all that. I want the money to be able to go back home more than once every other year if need be. And the money to spend on Disneyland, Disney World, Euro Disney, Hong Kong Disney...you get the drift. =P It'd also be nice to be able to buy things on-line and not have to worry about spending an arm and a leg on shipping costs. Shipping to an island sucks!! And then I'd pay back my parents for the $10k+ that I wasted when they sent me off to a year of college... Dorm life. Whee. *vomit* Not my thing.

So yeah. That's what I'd do if I had a million dollars.
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I had a spark of inspiration for my novel!! Unfortunately it fizzled out far too quickly. I only got 1182 words written today, which brings my total up to 12281. I'm 11052 words short of the 23333 total.

Need to figure out what to DO! I really really want to be able to finish this one, or to at least get A LOT higher word count than I've ever done. I just...can't find the plot bunnies to do that with. This really does cement the fact that I was never meant to be a writer though...
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I've missed almost a week of writing on NaNo. =( I've lost inspiration to write and more importantly I've lost plot bunnies... bigger =( I have roughly 12.3k words to write to catch up in addition to the regular day suggested quota of written words to make the cut by the end of the month. I haven't really given up but...definitely lost steam. Praying for guidance, suggestions, or inspiration...here's hoping something picks up within the next few days or I'm done.

On the bright side, I've written over 11k words this year. I think that's the most I've gotten done in the odd number of years that I've tried to do NaNo. I suppose you could call it a good sign...
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There is a wicked mad thunderstorm passing over my house as I type... I'm talking crazy lightning--it's been almost nonstop for the past hour--some bass-tastic thunder and massive rain, raindrops the size of frickin' lemons man. The last crack of thunder, and I do mean CRACK of thunder, seriously almost made me pee my pants. If you're sensing de ja vu it's because I just posted that on my Facebook status as well. =P Yes, I'm that lame that I post something like that everywhere. What kind of crack of thunder you ask? You know the type that sounds like God's ripping open the universe? That seismic tear in the sky sound? Yeah. That kind of crack. It was freaking amazing. I don't think I've EVER heard thunder like that before.

So I'm just sitting here in my lounge room, in the the dark, watching the lightning illuminating the heavens, listening to the thunder scare the piss out of me and I gotta say I'm absolutely loving it. If I weren't so worried about getting sick I'd totally be out twirling in it instead of sitting here typing about it. And in case the power goes out, the candles are already lit with spares sitting nearby. Something to light the way if I can't see to light them? My handy dandy Nintendo DS within grabbing distance and of course, my cats to trip me regardless of whether there's light or not. =)

And yes, I'm using it as an excuse to procrastinate writing more on my NaNo project... =P
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An hour left in Day 7 and I'm at 10874 words on my NaNo project! Pretty damn good if I do say so myself, especially considering I hardly wrote at all over the weekend as we were celebrating John's 25th birthday. =) Still, I was at 6667 at the end of Friday, only wrote to 6960 over Sat and Sun, and now at almost 11k. The goal for the end of today was 11667, so at 10874 I'm not doing too shabby!! I'm starting to lose steam though, so I figure almost 4k is good for one day. I'll catch up the rest tomorrow hopefully.

As for fishing over the weekend, my wonderful husband caught himself a 43cm snapper and a 38cm King George Whiting, as well as multiple other fish. Those two were the special ones though and they tasted mighty yummy. Looking forward to more of that as the fishing season continues. Looking forward to January and vacation in Merimbula! Look out fishies! Here I coooooooome!!!

NaNo 2011

Nov. 5th, 2011 12:00 am
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Victory!! Before the clock chimed 12 this very evening I defeated my daily NaNo requirements and hit 6667 words, one word more than the suggested goal for Day Four. I feel extremely accomplished. =)

NaNo 2011

Nov. 4th, 2011 01:58 am
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My NaNoWriMo novel is sitting pretty at 4102 words. Keeping up pretty well this year. We'll see what happens this weekend. It's John's birthday and we've got a bunch of things planned so not sure when I'll get time to write!

NaNo 2011

Nov. 2nd, 2011 11:59 pm
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Day 2 of NaNoWriMo 2011!! I have almost ALMOST reached the goal for day 2 and am way proud of myself because I think it's the first time that's happened EVER. It's 11:58pm and I'm sitting on 3143 words of my novel. I really like the chances for this one. =)

NaNo 2011

Nov. 1st, 2011 11:17 pm
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It's 11:13pm and I've gotten through 951 words so far! An accomplishment to be sure for Day 1 of NaNoWriMo 2011. I've yet to get one of those word meters but no biggie. Let's see how far I get with this one! I've even gotten info on it up on the NaNo website go me! Hoping I can reach my goal of 25% or 50k words. It's been my goal every year I've tried NaNo and I think I hit like...7k words last year. Maybe. 29 more days to go. =)

[livejournal.com profile] hogwarts_elite. I has joined it. I'm a HUFFLEPUFF with a side of Slytherin now, apparently. Interesting what people see.

TV Land...

Oct. 28th, 2011 12:08 am
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Been on a TV series kick lately. Have been watching Charmed, trying to catch up to The Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Dexter and Supernatural. After which I want to get back into How I Met Your Mother and Chuck. And after all that I want to find Buffy the Vampire Slayer and reminisce. Then? Find a new TV show! =P

Aside from that, I've been stuck on Glee music for some reason. Every time I turn the iPod on or click on iTunes I always go straight to the Glee playlist and nothing else. Have yet to figure out why...

In other news, need to find something to occupy the days... Knitting Christmas presents is great and all, but I really need something else to do... Perhaps shall try getting back into the xBox games. Finish Halo Reach... get back into Assassin's Creed? What to do what to do...

Fishing season has gotten off to a bumpy start. Been out fishing three or four times in the past two months and have caught anything! Must fix this dry spell or the boys will win this season!

Also? Google Chrome isn't liking LJ for some reason... =( Sadness.


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