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I've officially become a girl.

This past week/weekend was eventful. Thursday went trout fishing. Caught a rock. Lost a lure on the third cast of the day. A new lure. A $20 lure. Was not a happy fisherwoman. =( Friday night went surf fishing. Caught...great air. Let's just say it was a good night for practising casting a surf rod and not so much a good night for catching any fish. Was a happy night overall though. John caught a four-foot gummy shark--yum!!--which always makes him happy because flake is that super uberliciously yummy. Also got to see a red moon rise. It was absolutely gorgeous because just above it you could see Mars which was shining a beautiful shade of red as well. John says the red moon rises because it's still getting sunlight from the other side of the world. I love our little corner of Australia. =)

Saturday. What can I say about Saturday... Oh yeah. I turned into the uber bitch from hell. I love my husband. I love his family. I even love his brother who is charming when he wants to be but an asshole most of the time otherwise. James got married this past Saturday. It amuses me because I will never remember it as James's and Amy's anniversary. It was my younger sisters' birthday first and will always be remembered as such. Warning: The following includes bitching, whining, unecessary complaining and a lot of other obnoxious things... )
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Odd thing happened today... John's family is...typical, I guess. His older brother had a falling out with the family a while back and they haven't spoken to him for a while. James is, however, getting married on October 15th and as much as he doesn't like to admit it he's very much connected to his family and would love them to be in attendance. His fiancee, Amy, is at odds with the family as well in that she gets extremely defensive when something doesn't go the way she wants it. She fights with everyone, including the family going as far as calling John's mother (who is also her FIANCEE'S mother) a bitch because she commented that Amy and James didn't go to visit James's 4-year-old daughter Tanisha in the hospital when she got her tonsils and adenoids removed. Anyway, they haven't talked to the family for months and then out of the blue the other day they decide to show up and just make nice. Because they want mummy dearest to make their wedding cake.

And then they show up at the parental house tonight just to "hang". Talk about awkward. And they finally gave an invitation to John and I for the wedding. John was saying he wasn't going to the wedding until receiving an invitation. Now he's obligated to go.

I really don't know what to think about James. He's a nice guy and underneath it all he really wants to be close to his family. But when he's around his fiancee and friends he's the biggest asshole on the face of the planet and his family is what's holding him back and his parents are the reason he has any problems. And then there's his daughter who was born to an ex girlfriend who he was cheating WITH on his then previous girlfriend at the time. He stopped going out with daughter's mum and started dating Amy and then they were engaged a while back and then they broke it off. At that time he told Amy he asked her to marry him because he wanted to see what she'd say. This time they're seeing it through. The kicker? They have NO MONEY to be getting married, aren't getting any personal loans, James owes John over $7k and part of that $7k+ was the money needed to pay for the engagement ring.

I love my husband and I love his family most of the time... but at this point in my life I'm having a really hard time with it all...


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