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I find more and more that married life suits me, odd as it may have sounded to anyone who knew me eight years ago. At that point in my life, I had just been horribly dumped by someone who was young and foolish and horribly self-centred and somehow I had become enamoured of him all through high school. Still, we live and learn and here I am with someone who devotes himself to me anew every single day. How long will it last? Who can say, but for now I will relish in the delight that someone finds me attractive, sexy, and everything they always wanted.

We just spent a wonderful long weekend away at the family's favourite vacation spot: Merimbula. A small on-the-water city that many aussies often visit as a fishing holiday spot. It was nice to get away from home, everyone needs a holiday now and then, and the weather in Merimbula is so much nicer than Rosedale at the moment. Never for a moment let anyone fool you into thinking that all of Australia is hot all year round. Tis not so in the southern states. Four seasons is a common thing here in Victoria, and sometimes all four in one day! Though, we aren't at an altitude that gets snow, so it's not a "true" winter in that aspect, but the weather does get odd. One minute it can be hot as heck, and the next it will be freezing because the wind just blew up and the sun was covered by a quickly drifting cloud. But Merimbula was beautiful and sunny. We did get a magnificent thunder storm in which we were, for about fifteen minutes, serenaded by the crash, boom, and very loud bang of the thunder clouds, accented by the blinding flashes of lightning that lit up the darkened skies. Excellent to watch, especially the ones out to sea that looked like they touched it. So we went down, caught some fish, turned a very lovely shade of red, followed by a nice dark brown, and came home and back to the real world where at this very moment, my husband's alarm is going off to wake him up to ready for work. Yes the real world is not always so fun. Ahh the life of being a baker. Up at midnight. And time for me to hit the hay.

As it goes, I've been keeping a small written diary since Jan 1 and I've only missed two days so far. Not too shabby. I've usually missed about two weeks by now. =P
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So, I haven't been on-line for like...a week. OMG I know, a WEEK right?! =P lol

Lots of things happened...flew to the states, got a wedding dress fitted, did a bachelor/ette party thing and then, hey, a wedding! =P One of The Goodner Girls has finally been married off in a public ceremony! My family is sooooo happy. My parents are ecstatic because they can finally say they have a son, even in my dear darling John is a son-in-law. Of course, they're happier now that they're all in Hawai'i. I'm somewhat amused by the fact that after my wedding, my family is in Maui and I'm in San Diego. But I'm happy and enjoying life with my hubby and that's all that matters. The San Diego Wild Animal Park has four baby elephants and they were SO adorable! We also got to see two of the older but not oldest (eldest?) elephants fighting and seriously looking like they were trying to drown each other in their water hole area. It was quite amusing. Next stop Sea World! I get to get my marine aminal craziness on!

On the completely opposite side of the emotional spectrum, is it wrong that I'm mad at my best friend? Wedding was on Friday, I gave her my camera to take pictures at the reception, she was supposed to see me on Saturday before John and I left for San Diego and she never did. It was her responsibility to contact me because she was getting a Brazilian wax done and didn't know what time it would be over. That was supposed to be a morning thing. We didn't leave for San Diego til 8pm! Because of her lack of ability to pick up a fucking phone ALL DAY, I am now using disposables on my "honeymoon". Do I have the right to be even a little upset about this? *sigh* Pictures will be up once I get the CD or whatever from the photographer once we get back from SD...
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So! In 11 days my hubby and I will be winging our way to the California coast...to get married...again. =) Does that not sound just a little funny? I'm kinda excited... I mean, as much as I whined and complained about certain aspects I'm getting excited now about the whole big white wedding thing. John and I wrote our own vows. They're short, and pretty plain as far as vows go, but they're sweet and from the heart. I'm so going to cry. =P And I'm definitely looking forward to seeing everyone. I haven't seen any of them in person since January. I need to get used to not seeing them a lot...being an ocean away will do that to a family. And the food!! I get Mexican food! Good Mexican food!!! Oh how I miss it. John says he's going to try and really taste the sauces and flavours and stuff to try and duplicate some of the restaurant food that we wouldn't otherwise be able to get recipes for. What a good man... And then who knows what else? =) But he wanted to go to San Diego again instead of travelling to other parts of California, or other states for that matter. I swear, one of these years I'ma get that boy to the east coast. He at least needs to visit a friend in New York whom he promised he would visit. And while he's doing that...I dunno... But I've a feeling that I won't be welcome while he goes, and that's okay with me because otherwise the visit would just get really awkward and uncomfortable, more on that later! Maybe.

I hope I'm not still coughing my lungs out or they're not going to let me on the plane! =(

But on to the memeage! Which I won't catch up on the days for cuz that would just clutter...I'll just hope that I keep up on them from now on! =P

30 Days of Disney!

Day #2: Your favorite princess

I would have to say Mulan, even though I don't really agree with the whole her being a princess thing, though she's officially listed on the Disney Princess line-up. She's just badass. I mean, she stays true to herself, learns a helluvalot along the way, and saves the freaking country. The movie has some great music as well. If I had to choose and official, I might choose Pocahontas... I'm really not huge on the whole Princess thing... That said, I'm despising the fact that a character voiced by Mandy Moore is going to be an official Princess eventually... *sigh* THOUGH! I am looking forward to the potential princess addition in 2012, even though she's not going to be a singing princess from what I can tell. Brave I'm counting on you!!

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30 Days of Harry Potter

02. Your favorite book

Oh the books... It took me a really long time to read the books after I actually was introduced to the world of Harry Potter. In saying that, I also never read the second book all the way through until...last year? I think the book that moved me the most was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Oh good god I actually had to go look up the title because I couldn't remember what it was... =( How sad of me. That was also before she threw Harry into the whole lovey dovey gf/bf crap which I don't think was really necessary at all. hrmph.

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Yesterday marked the last day of my two-week vacation. My first vacation in about seven years, actually... No, of course I'm not a work-a-holic. I'm just a loser with no life. But love, ahhh I have love. I miss him already. He's still airborne at the moment...he's been on the plane for twelve hours already. =( I hate that he's making his first two plane rides EVER all by himself, the first being his trip out here and the second being his trip back. Especially a flight that long. It's a looooong plane ride non-stop to/from LAX from/to Melbourne.

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