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Note to self: no more milk before bed.

Went to the doctor today. The medical system is so different here than it was back home. At least that I remember. The clinic we go to outsources testing procedures. So urine tests and blood tests are actually ordered by the doctor on paper and then we have to go to a separate place within a given amount of time and get the tests done there, and they send the results back to the clinic. I'm too used to "Okay I just need a urine sample, pee in this cup in the bathroom down the hall". It's just different. But she pretty much confirmed my thoughts on the UTI and gave me a script for antibiotics. Apparently UTI's can cause fever and nausea. See next. We also talked to her about my recent issues, mainly the fever, headaches, nausea, and random bleeding. We also mentioned we've been trying to get pregnant but I'm almost 99% certain that I'm not (the at home pg tests have said negatory). She took it all in, made a couple comments about weight being a possible issue (expected as I'm clearly overweight), and then looked at me again and asked "Are you sure you're not pregnant??" It made me giggle. But then she went on to say that most couples don't get pregnant within the first 6 months of being off birth control and even further along they don't get pregnant within the first year. I've been off it since August so that's comforting. She also made an odd comment that fat cells absorb estrogen and progesterone so weight gain acts as a natural contraceptive. I didn't know this. But I've decided that I want to get a treadmill for the house because I don't feel comfortable going on walks around the neighbourhood by myself and half the time the weather isn't conducive to exercising outside. The choices are perfect day, die from a freak windstorm, or die from sunstroke. I'm a full supporter of indoor exercise. Either that or I make far too many excuses to do it. Either way, it's not good. I've already cut down on calorie intake and have been watching the types of food that I eat. Been doing that for the past month and still gained 3kg. Let's see if I can keep it up.

Otherwise, she said I had a normal body temperature and perfect blood pressure which I'm surprised at because I expected that eventually one of these visits to a doctor would result in high blood pressure or something different but every time I'm typically healthy except for the weight.

Here's hoping for some good news once I get the urine/blood tests done.
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