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I've finally started reading A Game of Thrones. I like it. It's intriguing and enjoyable and isn't difficult to read. But I'm having trouble keeping up with all the switching between characters. Does it ever stop? I was having a hard time sorting out who's who between them all until I did the stupid thing and started watching the TV show as well. That made it easier to keep up with each of the characters, making the story line as a whole more put together and fluid for me. After watching the first four episodes it made going back and continuing the book a lot easier and I also enjoy having a face to put to each of them. It's probably what makes keeping the characters straight a bit easier as well. Still haven't gotten that far though. I find that I've got too many things I'm trying to keep up with at once.

Since John bought me the Wii, I've been trying to finish each of the games. I already finished The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and that was back before Christmas. I play Mario Kart every now and then. And now I've started on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess which is my favourite Zelda story line to date. But since it was a Gamecube game to start with, the transition to the Wii isn't as...good? The sword movement kinda sucks. But I still like it. Skyward was made for the Wii so the interactive game play is great. Looking forward to going back to it. Then John went and got me a Spyro game. It looks interesting enough so I'm hoping it will be able to hold my attention. I've never played a Spyro game before. Definitely want to get the Donkey Kong Country Wii game. Is there a Wii Pokemon game out yet? That would be cool. =P After that...who knows. Maybe I'll get the WiiFit stuff.

Went to the doctor last Thursday. She confirmed my UTI and prescribed antibiotics. Then we talked about trying to get pregnant and that was all well and good. Went over my symptoms and she asked me again if I was sure I wasn't pregnant. Getting my hopes up but probably all for naught. She ordered a urine sample and blood tests. Went in for blood tests on Monday. They took 7 vials! O_O I cried like a little baby. I seriously hate needles. The worst part is that even though they always say "Just a little sting" and I know it's coming, I freaking JUMP when they prick me. I'm lucky they haven't missed when it happens. And that they didn't need more than 7 vials. And silly John. He actually stood there and watched her take the blood, watched it spurt out of my arm and into the vials. Almost fainted the poor dear. We'll go back in on Friday. I'm expecting the worst, that I've got some weird disease or diabetes or cancer and that I'm definitely not pregnant. John went and googled diabetes symptoms and says that I don't have any so I don't have diabetes. We have no reason to think it's cancer that's just me being a paranoid idiot. And as for some weird random disease, I blame that on catching up with my House episodes. I'm still only on Season 6.

14/02 was uneventful as usual. John keeps saying that I'll cave one year and we'll celebrate it. I don't understand it. It's a needless, consumer-driven day. People choose other days of the year to show loved ones that they love them. Anniversaries, birthdays, other holidays... why do we need this extra special day to buy things for people? It should happen every day, or on some spur of the moment, not because it's dictated by whoever decided to make it a holiday. I barely see happy people celebrating it anymore, it's all about singles bashing it now. Don't just take the man out of romantic, just take the romance out all together and let's do some holiday bashing (and not the good kind either) while we're at it.

Okay okay, no more V-day ranting. The day is over. On to bigger and better things. February is almost over and March will be upon us. March is one of the big birthday months of my year. Lots of birthdays, my own included. I'll be 29 this year. One more year til 30. I'm hoping by this time next year I'll have a little bubby. We'll see.


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