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I've officially become a girl.

This past week/weekend was eventful. Thursday went trout fishing. Caught a rock. Lost a lure on the third cast of the day. A new lure. A $20 lure. Was not a happy fisherwoman. =( Friday night went surf fishing. Caught...great air. Let's just say it was a good night for practising casting a surf rod and not so much a good night for catching any fish. Was a happy night overall though. John caught a four-foot gummy shark--yum!!--which always makes him happy because flake is that super uberliciously yummy. Also got to see a red moon rise. It was absolutely gorgeous because just above it you could see Mars which was shining a beautiful shade of red as well. John says the red moon rises because it's still getting sunlight from the other side of the world. I love our little corner of Australia. =)

Saturday. What can I say about Saturday... Oh yeah. I turned into the uber bitch from hell. I love my husband. I love his family. I even love his brother who is charming when he wants to be but an asshole most of the time otherwise. James got married this past Saturday. It amuses me because I will never remember it as James's and Amy's anniversary. It was my younger sisters' birthday first and will always be remembered as such. Warning: The following includes bitching, whining, unecessary complaining and a lot of other obnoxious things... )
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So, I haven't been on-line for like...a week. OMG I know, a WEEK right?! =P lol

Lots of things happened...flew to the states, got a wedding dress fitted, did a bachelor/ette party thing and then, hey, a wedding! =P One of The Goodner Girls has finally been married off in a public ceremony! My family is sooooo happy. My parents are ecstatic because they can finally say they have a son, even in my dear darling John is a son-in-law. Of course, they're happier now that they're all in Hawai'i. I'm somewhat amused by the fact that after my wedding, my family is in Maui and I'm in San Diego. But I'm happy and enjoying life with my hubby and that's all that matters. The San Diego Wild Animal Park has four baby elephants and they were SO adorable! We also got to see two of the older but not oldest (eldest?) elephants fighting and seriously looking like they were trying to drown each other in their water hole area. It was quite amusing. Next stop Sea World! I get to get my marine aminal craziness on!

On the completely opposite side of the emotional spectrum, is it wrong that I'm mad at my best friend? Wedding was on Friday, I gave her my camera to take pictures at the reception, she was supposed to see me on Saturday before John and I left for San Diego and she never did. It was her responsibility to contact me because she was getting a Brazilian wax done and didn't know what time it would be over. That was supposed to be a morning thing. We didn't leave for San Diego til 8pm! Because of her lack of ability to pick up a fucking phone ALL DAY, I am now using disposables on my "honeymoon". Do I have the right to be even a little upset about this? *sigh* Pictures will be up once I get the CD or whatever from the photographer once we get back from SD...
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I had the weirdest dream last night. I'm at my wedding, in my wedding dress... But it's not my wedding dress! =( Everything else is the same, I'm marrying John, the music fits, it all seems the same. Wedding at my parent's house, reception to follow... This wedding, however, includes two songs that I'm apparently supposed to be singing. And I don't know my songs at all!! So there I am, getting ready to walk down the isle, getting ready to sing my songs...and then I wake up--in my dream still--and I can't remember anything. I can't remember a wedding, or if my songs went all right, or the reception, or the wedding night (if there was one), or anything at all that happened after I started walking down the isle...

Wedding anxiety? Strange things happening man...totally weird.
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It is almost 10pm on Thursday the 5th of August. John and I fly out on Monday the 9th. EXCITED!!! I get to see all my friends and a lot of the extended family members I haven't seen in a while! Only downside? I'm going to be wearing a shiny white dress and will be the center of everyone's attention. Not my cup of tea, but I'll take it if it means I get to see everyone! I'm a little nervous though that I still haven't shaken this sore throat thing whatever it is. I don't have the runny/stuffy nose thing anymore which is really nice because it was just so goddamn annoying! I do have a small cough though and the sore throat from hell...I'm hoping it won't cause any problems with the airport and me getting on the plane.

And I hope whatever I have isn't strongly contageous because I really don't want to kill my father with a cold... =(

30 Days of Disney!

Day #3: Your favorite heroine

I'm not sure about this one...going back through the movies, it's difficult to say who I could name as a favourite. I think...Bianca makes me laugh the most because she's just so freaking...I dunno...oblivious? naive? something about her makes me smile, and she's so kindhearted...yet so TINY! =P I like small heroines because I be short too!

I also love Esmeralda for her strength and courage and, dude, sexy much? Lady's got sex appeal and she knows how to use it! Hot stuff!

And if we're going off and adding in tv shows, Elisa Maza from Gargoyles. Woman knows how to handle herself and the crazy things that go on in this world. Totally diggin' it.

Day #4: Your favorite prince

Favourite prince...again, I have a few. I mean seriously, in all aspects of Disney, you can't ask me to name just ONE favourite anything!! Not fair. As for the princes...

Of course, Aladdin is a no brainer. Not only does he not even start out a prince, he starts out with quite literally nothing. And then he goes on to show that you don't need power and magic to win, though a little bit helps here and there if you're going up against someone who DOES think that, and that just because you're royalty by birth, it doesn't make you special. He defeats Jafar, twice...and he manages to survive an encounter with the 40 thieves, though they're not all that fearsome in the movie... He's just awesomeness. And mad props to Steve Weinger for pulling off the character.

Additionally, Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty makes my list. The man battles a dragon for a woman he met ONCE. Awesomeness much? Going up against the self-proclaimed "Mistress of All Evil" and "all the powers of HELL" = not so easy. The man is amazing.

And for my third favourite, I'm gonna have to go with Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid. He may seem like a pampered prince to start off with, but he's got some character strengths. Not only is he completely thrown out of his comfort zone by finding out that merpeople are real, he finds out that he was ensorced--is that the right word?--by a crazed giant octopus, and that the woman he has truly fallen for is...dun Dun DUN...a mermaid PRINCESS. And amidst all that he manages to defeat the psychotic giant octopus who has become an even bigger giant octopus, save the girl AND her father, and still keep his head on straight. Kudos.

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30 Days of Harry Potter

03. What house would you be in?

An interesting theory, to say the least... Ten years ago? Probably a Hufflepuff. Work, loyalty to family, not much else in mind at the time... Five years ago? Ravenclaw. I was inquisitive and seeking knowledge about all kinds of things, mainly because the world of Harry Potter intrigued me and I wanted to know more! Latin, magic...html coding for RPG websites and stuff =P Learning was cool, and I was even maintaining thoughts about going back to school at the time...scary. A year ago? Gryffindor. Picking up my life with no idea what would happen to me? For love? =P I quit my job, said goodbye to family and friends and flew across an ocean for a man I'd met and seen in person for only two weeks.

Without a doubt, I can say the only house I would never be a part of--but oddly enough the one that intrigues me the most--is Slytherin. I've never been cunning or crafty in that Slytherin sort of way, and I've never been willing to do anything at any cost. I see Slytherins as very strategic and always thinking one step ahead of everything else...an excellent chess player. =P I suck at chess...

But today? I wouldn't be able to specify which of the other three houses I'd be in. I have traits from all of them, and at different points of any given week, one house will shine above the rest. It's what happens really...the houses are all different divisions of human characteristics...

04. Your favorite movie

No no and no. I enjoy watching all of them, but a favourite? They all really disappoint me for some reason, but that seems to be happening more and more with movies that are derived from books. Don't even get me started on the Twilight "Saga". Ugh. I guess if I had to choose a favourite it'd be the first one. Great little intro movie to a fun series.

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So! In 11 days my hubby and I will be winging our way to the California coast...to get married...again. =) Does that not sound just a little funny? I'm kinda excited... I mean, as much as I whined and complained about certain aspects I'm getting excited now about the whole big white wedding thing. John and I wrote our own vows. They're short, and pretty plain as far as vows go, but they're sweet and from the heart. I'm so going to cry. =P And I'm definitely looking forward to seeing everyone. I haven't seen any of them in person since January. I need to get used to not seeing them a lot...being an ocean away will do that to a family. And the food!! I get Mexican food! Good Mexican food!!! Oh how I miss it. John says he's going to try and really taste the sauces and flavours and stuff to try and duplicate some of the restaurant food that we wouldn't otherwise be able to get recipes for. What a good man... And then who knows what else? =) But he wanted to go to San Diego again instead of travelling to other parts of California, or other states for that matter. I swear, one of these years I'ma get that boy to the east coast. He at least needs to visit a friend in New York whom he promised he would visit. And while he's doing that...I dunno... But I've a feeling that I won't be welcome while he goes, and that's okay with me because otherwise the visit would just get really awkward and uncomfortable, more on that later! Maybe.

I hope I'm not still coughing my lungs out or they're not going to let me on the plane! =(

But on to the memeage! Which I won't catch up on the days for cuz that would just clutter...I'll just hope that I keep up on them from now on! =P

30 Days of Disney!

Day #2: Your favorite princess

I would have to say Mulan, even though I don't really agree with the whole her being a princess thing, though she's officially listed on the Disney Princess line-up. She's just badass. I mean, she stays true to herself, learns a helluvalot along the way, and saves the freaking country. The movie has some great music as well. If I had to choose and official, I might choose Pocahontas... I'm really not huge on the whole Princess thing... That said, I'm despising the fact that a character voiced by Mandy Moore is going to be an official Princess eventually... *sigh* THOUGH! I am looking forward to the potential princess addition in 2012, even though she's not going to be a singing princess from what I can tell. Brave I'm counting on you!!

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30 Days of Harry Potter

02. Your favorite book

Oh the books... It took me a really long time to read the books after I actually was introduced to the world of Harry Potter. In saying that, I also never read the second book all the way through until...last year? I think the book that moved me the most was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Oh good god I actually had to go look up the title because I couldn't remember what it was... =( How sad of me. That was also before she threw Harry into the whole lovey dovey gf/bf crap which I don't think was really necessary at all. hrmph.

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Okay so, I'm already married, so this shouldn't be a big deal. But it is. I'm having another wedding and reception for my friends and family back home in the states. I helped my family plan the menu and the colour theme and all the other larger things that a bride should get a say in because, regardless, it's her day still. I did all this planning with my family in a three week period. No big. I'm not hugely fussy. So of course I trusted my family to get the invitations done...correctly.


Not only did I NOT get to see the final invitation before it was printed and mailed out to all guests, but it had all sorts of things wrong with it!! =( It had spelling errors, one of which was MY MIDDLE NAME. Now, I understand that my middle name is pronounced like a regular name but spelled completely different for various reasons. My middle name is Reena, pronounced like Renee. I didn't even realise this until I was 18 and had to send out graduation announcements. So I understand the misunderstanding. But not from my FAMILY. My parents, MY FATHER at the very least should have caught that somehow. He's the one who told me about it for my graduation announcements. He was the one who should have had a last look at these things because he's my fucking coordinator. I understand coordinators delegate things, like invitations maybe, and I understand that he would have delegated to maybe my younger sister who is studying interior design and used to work at a stationery store and that's cool. Delegation is good and she's usually very good at that sort of thing...But. I'm very proud of my middle name. I LIKE my middle name. And it's spelled wrong. ON MY FUCKING WEDDING INVITATIONS. In addition, the time of the ceremony was left off the invitation, the name of the restaurant has been typoed, and someone spelled immediately as immediatly. Am I mistaken, or has the spelling of that word changed since I moved to Australia?? The reply card has all the relevant information, except it has a large M on the side of it for some reason that resembles...marriage? Wouldn't something else have been better? A family letter name for example or maybe even the bride's and groom's first initials? There's enough space that it could have happened. It doesn't make sense to me. This is my wedding invitation...that a friend had to send me because I hadn't seen it until today. They were sent out on Saturday...

Now this pic is blurry and you can't really read it very well...but really? I'm cool with the whole simple modern cute look. It's fine. It's not me, but whatever. Ugh.
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It's drawing closer to the date of my wedding in the states...and I'm still figuring out music stuff... Even with dad's little cancer scare, I'm surprised they haven't gotten the invites out, but they're working on that...I think they want to get them out next week...

But I have to get my music figured out!! Ugh. You'd think I'd have this thing down pat, with me being a music fanatic and whatnot...but to no avail... I'm still trying to make decisions. Mostly on the father/daughter dance... But I'm trying to decide on the first dance...and I don't know what else I need music for to be completely honest... bleeeeeeeeeeeeh.
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Bridal shower went fantiastically. I have such wonderful sisters...when they want to throw a party. =P Yes...when my family wants to throw a party they're all fabulous...but any other time? Too much is just too much. Don't get me wrong, I love my family, but the three weeks I've been back in the states is just enough time to be back to visit. I'm quite ready to go back home to my fiancee in my own private fairyland. He has made this whole relationship my very own version of a fairytale and I love it. And I love him. He just makes everything better for me. And he makes me want to be there for him and to make his life just as wonderful. =) wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

So...wedding ceremony and reception pretty much planned in three weeks. Ladies, if you think it's not possible, I am here to tell you now, IT IS. Colours, theme, centerpieces, invitations, thank yous, flowers, reception venue, dj, photographer, dress, MoH dress, shoes, reception dress, reception shoes, lighting, minister/civil celebrant person, all of it! THREE WEEKS. It can be done and it can be done beautifully. All you need is an insane father who LOVES doing all of it. =) All I need is to make sporadic phone calls to make sure everything is running as smoothly as was planned. Yeehaw!!
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I am now in California. I arrived at 7:20 in the morning, and left the airport roughly around 8:20.

It is now 10:25pm... Between arrival and now, I have booked a venue for my reception and bought my dress. Life is crazy. And I'm passing out...
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I've been wanting to post an entry for a while now, but I never have anything to talk about. I'm trying to figure out why, but nothing comes to mind.

My wedding is about seven and a half months away. I have done absolutely nothing in preparation. I really should get a move on...
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It's December! Yes I realise that it's already the third day in and I'm just now posting that little announcement. For the first time in the past 7 years I look forward to the holiday season with complete happiness instead of a mix of self-loathing and insecurity. I blame that on my fiancee. So weird to say that...

We've settled on a date, which has actually become dates, plural. I'm having a winter wedding. And a summer wedding. All in one month. Ahhh the wonders of crossing the equator. Saturday August 7th will be our "official" legal wedding here in Australia with all of John's family. It's going to be extremely informal, more like a family party, which is just the way I would like my wedding to be...I think. The second will be August 13th--yes that's a Friday--and we'll be winging our way stateside for that one. That will be a little more lavish, as I will be the first of four girls to get married. My parents are more excited about it than I am I think... They sounded so disappointed when I told them that I really just wanted something small and informal. And that if I did have a somewhat more pronounced ceremony and whatnot that I really didn't want a lot of flowers and the "usual" wedding stuff. That about killed my dad I think because he used to do floral arrangements as a side hobby for a while way back when. So...with this double ceremony/reception thing John and I will get ours and my parents will get their's. It works, right? Of course, it did get to the point where I was threatening John with not having a wedding ceremony at all and just getting married at a courthouse, which I still believe that I would be completely fine with. As it is, it's going to be weird enough trying to coordinate two celebrations between now and then, all on top of the holidays, going home for three weeks then coming back for another week of vacation here, and then trying to find a job, figuring out the whole getting a new visa thing and whatnot, trying to get a loan for my own car, finalising stuff with the house, moving into the new house, furnishing the new house...there's so much to do... I'm very lucky that my parents want to pay for a lot of the wedding stuff on their end or I'd be absolutely batshit insane.

I know they say the wedding is supposed to be all about the bride, but what happens when the bride really doesn't care all that much? I mean, I was the girl who didn't even think about getting married when I was growing up. I told people I was going to be the successful single woman! I was eight at the time, but seriously...kids really kinda do know what they want sometimes. And now I'm going to attempt to plan two weddings, one of which I am on a completely different continent from. And it's not like Europe and Asia and Africa where I could quite literally walk from one continent to another if I were close enough to the border. No, there's an ocean there... And I can't have two dresses, so I need to find one that will fit with a possibly cold winter wedding but also not be too warm for a summer wedding... I'm thinking accessories FTW!!

But people, if there were ever a time when you were debating on commenting on my entry, this is that entry! I want your dreams and hopes and ideas and everything you ever thought you wanted for your dream wedding!! I'm seriously at this big huge loss here and instead of browing through millions of webpages and photos on weddings and dresses and everything else--though I have already been doing that as well--I want to know what real women who I know and talk to have to say! PLEASE!! *puppy dog eyes*
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So I've realised that I don't update my LJ nearly enough as I should be. Funny thing is, I can't think of anything to ever update with, even though in the last five months I've moved across an ocean, learned how to fish, caught a myriad of different fish as well as two gummy sharks that were quite yummy in my tummy, contracted an annoying stomach virus that made me throw up every three weeks or so (and I still might have it), missed out on family birthdays, met a lot of Australian people, gotten engaged, missed THANKSGIVING (I am so learning how to make a turkey and pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce and baked ham and mashed potatoes and yams and creamed corn and corn on the cob and you get the picture...), and gotten more mosquito bites than I like... OH, and I've had some of the best sex I've ever experienced in my entire life...

So yeah...even though I've not taken the time to update my LJ, I've definitely experienced things that I should have updated on.

And the newest bit of news? I've stretched my shoulds even further to a website dedicated to, what else, my future husband and the life that he began Nov. 18th when he asked me to marry him. Yes...a wedding website that will encompass the entirety of my insanity at being a bridezilla. Haha...


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