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So LiveJournal is starting to get really annoying. I don't think it likes me anymore. It will load the home page. It will load the post an entry page. It will load to the custom friends page list. It will not load my friends pages whatsoever.

In other news, I bought a new book this weekend! The last new book I bought or even read--and Never Throw Rice At A Pisces doesn't count--was the last of the Kushiel books and that was whenever that one first came out...so it's been a little while. I haven't even visitted a library to get new reads. It's sad that my life used to revolve so much around reading when I was younger, but once I hit a certain age I stopped reading as much. I just lost interest, or couldn't find things that captured my interest anymore. But my new book is The Firebrand, one of Marion Zimmer Bradley's. I bought it simply on the fact that I enjoyed The Mists of Avalon and that, in the same style as Mists, it encompasses another story from the female viewpoint. The story of The Iliad in her writing style is interesting, though not as engaging to me as Mists was but I'm still enjoying it if not as much. There are a few things that are confusing to me, as there are things I wasn't expecting included in the story. There is a strong emphasis on an overall mother goddess, which struck me as odd because I was expecting a full Greek panthon of gods to emerge, but so far the only Greek names that have been mentioned are the majority of the Mt. Olympus gods. The usual, Zeus, Hera, Aphrodite, Poseidon, I think Hermes was mentioned, Pallas Athene, Apollo... then there is a minor River God called Scamander. The Greeks are referred to as Akhaians, yet Sparta is still Sparta, what I have known as Mycenae is Mykenae, and there are various other names and spellings that differ. Many c's have become k's and h's added in certain places, Kassandra and Akhilles as example. It's all so different and new... Funtimes. I need to start trying to get back into books. I think lately I haven't been buying things because John and I are trying to save money... Meh. Bradley wrote some following books to the Mists story though, so I think those will be next on my list...
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So, I've decided that I HAVE to read more this year. Simply because it's better for me. I just recently finished the Twilight series and am currently rereading it because I like it so much. Other series that I have read and enjoyed immensely: the Harry Potter series, Kushiel's Legacy, Lord of the Rings, the Merry Gentry series by Laurell K. Hamilton...and I can't think of any more... =( How sad. If anyone has any suggestions of fantasy/sci-fi, etc. along those lines feel free to make suggestions. Not that many people keep up with my journal anymore anyway. =P Not that I blame them, I update it soooo much anymore.

Extra Sidenote: John is coming in March!
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Foreigner. Yeah man.

Anyway. I completely suck at the Blog 365 thing. But then again I tend to suck at blogging in general. Posting is not my forte. Or something. Writing really isn't either, yet I still make attempts at doing that. But I am going to make better attempts at reading more this year, even if it's ridiculous and poorly written. Reading more is always a good thing. So I'm going to try and start the 50 Books thing that so many people on the F-list have been doing over the years. And to start it off, the first few that I've already read in the eleven days of this fabulous new year:

50 Books
1) Kitty and The Midnight Hour by Carrie Vaughn
2) Kitty Goes to Washington by Carrie Vaughn
3) Kitty Takes a Holiday by Carrie Vaughn

Hopefully by the end of the year I'll have added Phillip Pullman's HDM, some classics that I've never taken the time to read, some Shakespeare...and some new authors to expand my literary horizons...


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