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So. I've pretty much given up on the fact that I'm going to finish NaNo 2011 with 50k words. Not really feeling bad about the decision though, seeing as how I've gotten farther this year than any other year. I'm fairly sure of it anyway. The only thing that's longer than my attempted novel this year is my novella that was based on HP RP characters, The Darkness of Tragedy, which stands at 17280 words. That was started July 2005, last updated November 11, 2010, though the last update which was posted to my LJ was back in 2008. According to my record keeping, there are about 4k words that haven't made it to the LJ posts yet... hrm.

Still, I like the path the story is taking and maybe I'll be able to keep it up and actually turn it into a novel. It'll happen eventually. It's on my bucket list, and seeing as how writing something always takes me so long to finish, I have high hopes that it will be done before I die. =P

After November ends, though, I think I'll start myself on a creative writing path. Since there aren't enough people who read my LJ anymore, I think I'll use my Facebook to get my prompts...get people to give me 31 random words to become prompts for drabbles/short stories, one for each day in December. Will I be able to do it? Probably not, but it's a fun thought. Besides, if I actually do it, the drabbles/short stories will be posted here. This journal did start as my "art" journal anyway. Perhaps it's time to start getting back to my artistic roots. Maybe that will help inspire me to write as well, if I get all kinds of creative juices going.

And OMG. Is it weird that, as I've gone back to try and find all of my prior NaNo attempts, they all can be turned into part of my current NaNo attempt?? OMG. IDEA!
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A writing desk...I'll need one. For some insane reason I want to try my hand at NaNo again this year... Maybe this time I'll write more than 2k words in a month =/


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