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Just finished watching The King's Speech with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law for sis's birthday. Really enjoyed it. Brought up my old curiosities about English monarchy and the whole system and things "...tits." And it was weird because I'm so used to seeing a lot of the major players in other types of roles and they all looked so different in this movie!! Helena Bonham-Carter looked normal! And Geoffrey Rush...and Guy Pierce...what'shisface who plays Wormtail...and Michael Gambon ugh he needs to go away... Colin Firth is like the only one who looked normal but omg he gave a helluva performance. Fabulous job with the role. Makes me really want to research King George VI. My mother-in-law enjoys this movie far too much I learned a lot of trivia about the royal family of that time period than I really needed to know, half of which I can't remember anymore. But yeah. Really good movie. Glad I got the opportunity to watch it because it's not a movie John would want to sit down and watch with me.

George VI's wife is Elizabeth I. Yes? Dunno why but that seems weird to me. We were talking about how kings had rules about which names they used in conjunction with their titles. George VI was actually an Albert, his brother David was King Edward ?? before he abdicated... Kings have to change their names depending on certain rules and things. There's Henry, Edward, George, William? Do the women have to do it too? Interesting question...
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My parents are in Australia.

My parents are in Australia!! It's so nuts. The in-laws have finally met each other and I think it went really well. Barbeque was great, food was nummy and everyone was civil...except for the three and a half year old niece who is absolutely selfishly nuts. As all three year olds seem to be...

In other news, I still haven't seen HP7P1 and I won't see it until after my parents leave... major sadness but whatevs, I can deal. I'm anxious to see what all this spoileryish comment ) is about and omg everyone's been saying it's so true to the books I WANT TO SEE IT.

In NaNo news, I've given up, as I've no motivation to write my project anymore and my parents are in town which gives me hardly any time to write for the next week and a half-ish and...stuff. I can be proud of the fact, however, that I am about 1000 words further than any previous years. Maybe in 50 years I'll hit the 50k word mark. =P

Disney news? Tangled has been released in the US already. Someone uploaded the soundtrack to a Disney comm I'm in and...I'm not all up in that... PatF music wasn't fantastic but I enjoyed it...but this with the Mandy Moore thing and Donna Murphy and Zach Levi I'm not really feeling it... And then I don't like Mandy Moore at all but whatevs. And the best kicker?? It doesn't release in Australia until JANUARY. How not fair is that?


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