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An hour left in Day 7 and I'm at 10874 words on my NaNo project! Pretty damn good if I do say so myself, especially considering I hardly wrote at all over the weekend as we were celebrating John's 25th birthday. =) Still, I was at 6667 at the end of Friday, only wrote to 6960 over Sat and Sun, and now at almost 11k. The goal for the end of today was 11667, so at 10874 I'm not doing too shabby!! I'm starting to lose steam though, so I figure almost 4k is good for one day. I'll catch up the rest tomorrow hopefully.

As for fishing over the weekend, my wonderful husband caught himself a 43cm snapper and a 38cm King George Whiting, as well as multiple other fish. Those two were the special ones though and they tasted mighty yummy. Looking forward to more of that as the fishing season continues. Looking forward to January and vacation in Merimbula! Look out fishies! Here I coooooooome!!!

TV Land...

Oct. 28th, 2011 12:08 am
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Been on a TV series kick lately. Have been watching Charmed, trying to catch up to The Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Dexter and Supernatural. After which I want to get back into How I Met Your Mother and Chuck. And after all that I want to find Buffy the Vampire Slayer and reminisce. Then? Find a new TV show! =P

Aside from that, I've been stuck on Glee music for some reason. Every time I turn the iPod on or click on iTunes I always go straight to the Glee playlist and nothing else. Have yet to figure out why...

In other news, need to find something to occupy the days... Knitting Christmas presents is great and all, but I really need something else to do... Perhaps shall try getting back into the xBox games. Finish Halo Reach... get back into Assassin's Creed? What to do what to do...

Fishing season has gotten off to a bumpy start. Been out fishing three or four times in the past two months and have caught anything! Must fix this dry spell or the boys will win this season!

Also? Google Chrome isn't liking LJ for some reason... =( Sadness.
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No, I think the correct phrase would be "I'm so laaaaaaaaaaaaaame" because I can't keep up a 30-day meme to save my life!  =P

As it goes, it's even harder to try nowadays since I don't have INTERNET.  I'm currently on my mother-in-law's computer using her internet because the company we applied to hasn't gotten back to us yet...and it's been almost three weeks!  *sigh*  I love Australia but there are some things that just aren't quite up to speed yet...  =(

My married life so far?  October 14th is coming up and that will be John's and my 6 month anniversary.  Married for six months and it doesn't feel like much is changed...  Is it bad that it's coming up and I don't feel like it needs to be anything special?  The fact that we don't have that "newlywed sparkle" is worrying me.  But we're happy and content with each other and our lives together that I don't feel the need to make it that spectacular celebratory thing...  Maybe it will be though.  John has a habit of surprising me when I least expect it.  Sweetie that he is.

Things to look forward to:  Spring!!  Spring has started in the southern hemisphere and here in Australia that means FISHING!  Fishing season has started up again.  Gone fishing in the boat twice this past month and haven't got much to show for it, except a metre-long carpet shark on each trip.  Good to catch, not so good to keep.  They apparently don't taste very good.  Without the autumn flare Halloween doesn't have the same feel and Australians--at least in my little corner of Australia--don't really celebrate it very much either.  Not so bad for me because I've never really felt the desire to dress up, but I do miss the opportunity to get together and party with the friends.

After that, November!!  John's birthday is on the fourth, and while I've already bought him his birthday/Christmas gift: a brand spanking new shiny as hell XBOX that came with two games.  I still want to do something for him, though I'm not sure what...  He'd be happy if I did something small like cook him dinner, because I can't cook for crap, and he's been trying to teach me so that might be nice.  He doesn't work during the day though so it's not like I can surprise him with it when he gets home from work or anything.  Just letting him spend the day being lazy playing the XBOX and then making him dinner is an idea though...we'll see.  John's decided to let me have a Thanksgiving.  We didn't do it last year and since it's not an Australian holiday it wasn't really thought about until after the fact.  I missed Thanksgiving last year how crap is that?  An opportunity to pork out on yummy foods and delicious goodies and I missed it!!  lol I'm such a food junkie it's gross.  But it'll be fun teaching some of the Thanksgiving foods of my family to the natives.  Mom and dad might be coming out too, they haven't said anything specific yet but they mentioned they were thinking about it.

December!  Christmas in summer...  We'll see what happens.  I went back to the states for the Christmas and New Year's holidays last year so this one will be the first without my family.  That's going to be weird.  No staying over at mom and dad's Christmas Eve...no waking up for Christmas morning breakfast...no spending the day with the usual family and friends...  But it's still a couple months away so there's time to figure things out.  And then New Year's...that's apparently a big celebration (aka "drinking time") for the aussies and I'm not much of a drinker anymore so it'll be interesting.

I've started working at the bakery two days a week, and every other Saturday.  It was a bit odd because they kinda threw me in there without any real training.  But it's pretty simple and easy to do, just constantly working, like the restaurant was but not as busy in it's busiest time.  It's a popular bakery, full of typical Aussie (and English) foods and whatnot.  Meat pies of various types, pasties, sausage rolls and smoke-o's, slices and tarts and yummy things, some of them not so yummy.  It's a good introduction to what John will be expecting for his bakery once he starts it up so it's a good experience.  =)

I think that's it for now...deciding whether or not to have another wedding ceremony and reception here for the aussie side of the family.  If we do, we'll do it in April as a re-dedication of our vows for our one year anniversary...what to do what to do!!


Oct. 26th, 2009 09:36 pm
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And no I'm not talking about the tv show!

John and I went in today to pick colours and wood paneling and brick and roof tiles and sinks and doors and door handles and carpets and HOUSE STUFF!! It's so weird. I'm going to have a house. My name might not be on the title for the land or the house but it's John's and he's more than adamant that it's mine too. Which means...it's mine! I never thought I would even be thinking about this stuff until I was at least 30...

My dad's kinda miffed that we're getting the house before John has even proposed but John was kind of on a time crunch. He's been wanting to get a house of his own for a while now and Australia had a promotion going on for first time home owners. Somewhere around $20,000 for a bought house and $36,500 for a built house. The deadline was the end of September and he wanted to make the decision before the grant deadline. Smart, right? He's having a house built and $36,500 of it is coming from the government and he gets a brand new house. We picked out the model, picked wall colours, figured out colouration and whatnot for the kitchen...all of our own choosing.

As for the proposal, I know it's coming, but John wants to do it right and mom and dad offered mom's old engagement ring and they haven't sent it yet so...yeah, right...? O_o

Building starts in December, right before I go home, actually... I'll miss about the first month of building, but I'm told that I won't be missing much. After the holidays when I come back, John and his family are taking my to their favourite vacation spot for ten days. I'm told it's beautiful, and the fishing is supposed to be excellent!! =) Yes, I've become rather fond of fishing, even though I don't eat much fish at all. John says the best eating is shark though, also called flake. We went crayfish fishing this past weekend as well. They're yummy. There are a few pics of the crayfish on my Facebook, check one out here. And the weather is supposed to start getting warmer as well so we'll go fishing for Trevally on Wednesday and then use them as bait for bigger fish on Friday or Saturday!

For the first time in a long time, I'm really starting to love my life...


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