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I had the weirdest dream last night. I'm at my wedding, in my wedding dress... But it's not my wedding dress! =( Everything else is the same, I'm marrying John, the music fits, it all seems the same. Wedding at my parent's house, reception to follow... This wedding, however, includes two songs that I'm apparently supposed to be singing. And I don't know my songs at all!! So there I am, getting ready to walk down the isle, getting ready to sing my songs...and then I wake up--in my dream still--and I can't remember anything. I can't remember a wedding, or if my songs went all right, or the reception, or the wedding night (if there was one), or anything at all that happened after I started walking down the isle...

Wedding anxiety? Strange things happening man...totally weird.
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I have been having, and remembering, some of the weirdest dreams ever since I moved to Australia, the oddest part of that statement being that I am actually remembering dreams. I NEVER used to before I came out here. That being said, I had the oddest freaking dream the other night and I can't figure out where the majority of it came from. The past few dreams before that, I knew where they came from. For instance, Dragonheart was on a couple weeks ago and then that night I had a dream about riding dragons. Easy enough to figure out, right? Then I had a dream about a week ago about sharks, because the family was talking about fishing and sharks and stuff...easy too. THIS DREAM...

It's Christmas time, and I'm walking through a crowded mall, can't for the life of me figure out which one it is. I'm not much of a shopper and I haven't been to a large variety, if you should me a picture of a random place of the general interior of a mall that I've been to I could 95% tell you which one it is. But that's another story... So I'm walking through this mall with a girl I went to middle school and high school with, and all of a sudden people start SCREAMING and running, kinda of horror/susense movie-esque. So of course I'm the idiot and try to find out what's going on. I try to make my way through the crowd, and at the end of the mall--second story, btw--there's a man in white, chanting in latin (don't ask me how I know it was latin), and that's when the demons all start arriving. But they're not like...regular demons. What's a regular demon? I dunno, I guess I'm talking about crazy tv show demon, like on Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel or...something like that... Suddenly I'm trying to stop this guy! Why? Because somehow before all the mayhem, he managed to capture my friend who is apparently this paragon of good and there's something really special about her... Okay, this is where one of TWO bits of my dream make sense. The aforementioned tv shows (BtVS and Angel) I watch almost every day. So it would make sense that apparently I'm some sort of slayer figure in my dream...right? Apparently I am because I try and STOP him. With my fists...and kung fu or some other type of martial arts. Yes, I did actually think "I know kung fu" a la Keanu from The Matrix but only for a second. So the battle goes on, he continues to call these demony things down from wherever, people are running and screaming and blah blah blah. Then a random person comes up to me and hands me a hammer. Yes. A hammer. It's about 35% bigger than a regular hammer. So I start swinging it at the demons. It doesn't really do much except for smash things around, but there's no blood or anything. Then there's this voice in my head that's telling me I'm the heir of myth. What the HELL does that mean? It keeps going, saying that I'm supposed to be wielding these weapons, all of them from mythology from what I can tell. //I actually had to google some of them when I woke up because I have no idea what they are or from what mythos they're from// The Hammer of Thor (Norse), Excalibur (Arthurian), a trident that I think was supposed to be Poseidon's (Greek), and a couple others (a dagger, some other type of sword thing...and then some kind of weapon that I don't even know what it's called...) that I can't remember now that I'm finally coming back to this dream and putting it down to remember it. Anyawy, I'm trying to get these things and not doing really well when me and my little hammer run into Angel. Yes, complete David Boreanaz Angel in my dream. That's the second bit that I can reason into the dream. And he tells me that I'm not using the right hammer. Well, okay, since I don't know what the Hammer of Thor really looks like or IS I'm just an idiot. So he grabs my hand and we run around looking for it, though why it's all in the mall I don't know. Finally he spots some random guy who's holding a very large verson of a hammer complete with the two little pick things on the opposite side of the flat end. But it's big. The thing is almost as big as me, and while I'm not tall, I'm still 5'2" and getting a hammer that big? Crazy looking. And something I manage to carry it, but it's not easy. So I'm going around fighting with these two hammers (for some reason I didn't want to get rid of my little one), and then my dream skips. Angel and I are arguing. We're heatedly debating how to destroy the man in white and close the rift that the creatures are coming through. We get to the point where he practically hisses in my face "Because it's supposed to be three of us and the third party has to be AGAINST the other two!" So what does that mean exactly...? I think it through and try to make suggestions and my brain somehow decides that maybe Angel IS the opposing party...except that he...likes me... (as a friend of course). So that won't work. Skip forward again. I'm rushing the man in white, who at this point has killed my friend =( and swinging my big ass hammer and a sword (I'm assuming it's Excalibur, it could have been a different one) And then I wake up.

So. If anyone wants to try and analyse my dream and tell me I'm crazy, feel free. I seriously have no idea where the majority of the dream came from. Not a clue. Of course I've got a couple recurring dreams that are like that...but, not like that... That one's just kinda from out of left field...
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Is my brain trying to tell my body something? I've had four sex dreams in the past week... It's slightly disturbing and kinda unnerving...


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