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So! In 11 days my hubby and I will be winging our way to the California coast...to get married...again. =) Does that not sound just a little funny? I'm kinda excited... I mean, as much as I whined and complained about certain aspects I'm getting excited now about the whole big white wedding thing. John and I wrote our own vows. They're short, and pretty plain as far as vows go, but they're sweet and from the heart. I'm so going to cry. =P And I'm definitely looking forward to seeing everyone. I haven't seen any of them in person since January. I need to get used to not seeing them a lot...being an ocean away will do that to a family. And the food!! I get Mexican food! Good Mexican food!!! Oh how I miss it. John says he's going to try and really taste the sauces and flavours and stuff to try and duplicate some of the restaurant food that we wouldn't otherwise be able to get recipes for. What a good man... And then who knows what else? =) But he wanted to go to San Diego again instead of travelling to other parts of California, or other states for that matter. I swear, one of these years I'ma get that boy to the east coast. He at least needs to visit a friend in New York whom he promised he would visit. And while he's doing that...I dunno... But I've a feeling that I won't be welcome while he goes, and that's okay with me because otherwise the visit would just get really awkward and uncomfortable, more on that later! Maybe.

I hope I'm not still coughing my lungs out or they're not going to let me on the plane! =(

But on to the memeage! Which I won't catch up on the days for cuz that would just clutter...I'll just hope that I keep up on them from now on! =P

30 Days of Disney!

Day #2: Your favorite princess

I would have to say Mulan, even though I don't really agree with the whole her being a princess thing, though she's officially listed on the Disney Princess line-up. She's just badass. I mean, she stays true to herself, learns a helluvalot along the way, and saves the freaking country. The movie has some great music as well. If I had to choose and official, I might choose Pocahontas... I'm really not huge on the whole Princess thing... That said, I'm despising the fact that a character voiced by Mandy Moore is going to be an official Princess eventually... *sigh* THOUGH! I am looking forward to the potential princess addition in 2012, even though she's not going to be a singing princess from what I can tell. Brave I'm counting on you!!

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30 Days of Harry Potter

02. Your favorite book

Oh the books... It took me a really long time to read the books after I actually was introduced to the world of Harry Potter. In saying that, I also never read the second book all the way through until...last year? I think the book that moved me the most was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Oh good god I actually had to go look up the title because I couldn't remember what it was... =( How sad of me. That was also before she threw Harry into the whole lovey dovey gf/bf crap which I don't think was really necessary at all. hrmph.

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30 DAYS OF DISNEY MEME!!!!!!!!!!

People need to get on board with Disney. And y'know what? People need to get off Princess and the Frog cuz Disney does DARK. Does anyone remember the beginnings of the Disney movies? Those things were freaking scary! Crazy witch asking for Snow White's heart in a box? Other scary witch conjuring "all the powers of hell" to try to kill Prince Phillip? BIG EFFING WHALE trying to eat Pinnochio? Or for that matter, turning the naughty kids into pack mules? Dumbo on LSD?!?! Getting Dumbo drunk??? Gunshot to Bambi's mom? And yeah, that was kind of a turning point when they stopped being really really dark...but still, Disney made movies with dark plots! Seriously...Disney has had some screwed up movies in the past, Princess and the Frog is not that bad... And really? For all the people who are whining about Disney not doing anymore classics?? IT'S HARD WHEN YOU'VE USED MOST OF THE FAIRYTALES YOUR MOVIES WERE BASED ON. Do they not realise this? All right...my rant is going to end there

That being said...Rapunzel? really...? I'm not feeling it...

Day #1: Your favorite character

Stitch!!! Crazy little freaky blue alien ("also cute and fluffy!") He's adorable and he makes the best stuffed animal in the world. I have two at the moment and am planning on expanding that collection further. =P Why is he my favourite? Absolutey no clue. He's insane and he's chaotic... He was created for a purpose. He started out knowing one thing, that he wanted to destroy...because that's what the mad scientist--ahem, evil genius--created him for. Experiment 626, the creature created for destruction, was put on trial and sentenced to be destroyed. But somewhere in the journey that he took, albeit trying to flee from death, he found himself lost. This journey that made him question what life was, what his life was, and realise that despite the fact that his purpose was one specific thing, that he didn't have to stick to the path that was chosen for him. He had a choice, he had desires, and he acted on those desires.
The yearning to belong, to have a family, to be part of something good. I dunno...his whole thing is just...awesome.

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And the 30 Days of Harry Potter Meme! Because I miss it...

01. Discuss how you got into Harry Potter

I can't even completely remember, to be honest. I had been playing a text-based Tolkien MUD on-line called MUME, and it was less of the role playing and more...I don't know what. But it wasn't quite what I was looking for, and someone I knew on there was here on LJ too I think, and they mentioned finding communities here on LJ that were geared toward better roleplaying. Never really thought about it after that. The first Harry Potter movie was released on my dad's birthday, 2001... After seeing the movie, it got me thinking...and I started looking for RPGs. I found one, called Oblitesco, and the rest is history. I was hooked after that. Sadly though, it wasn't until about a year or two later that I actually read the books. Don't ask me how I got through HP RPGs without reading the books cuz...somehow it happened... =P

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And now I should go to bed because it's after 3:30 in the morning...


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