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My parents are in Australia.

My parents are in Australia!! It's so nuts. The in-laws have finally met each other and I think it went really well. Barbeque was great, food was nummy and everyone was civil...except for the three and a half year old niece who is absolutely selfishly nuts. As all three year olds seem to be...

In other news, I still haven't seen HP7P1 and I won't see it until after my parents leave... major sadness but whatevs, I can deal. I'm anxious to see what all this spoileryish comment ) is about and omg everyone's been saying it's so true to the books I WANT TO SEE IT.

In NaNo news, I've given up, as I've no motivation to write my project anymore and my parents are in town which gives me hardly any time to write for the next week and a half-ish and...stuff. I can be proud of the fact, however, that I am about 1000 words further than any previous years. Maybe in 50 years I'll hit the 50k word mark. =P

Disney news? Tangled has been released in the US already. Someone uploaded the soundtrack to a Disney comm I'm in and...I'm not all up in that... PatF music wasn't fantastic but I enjoyed it...but this with the Mandy Moore thing and Donna Murphy and Zach Levi I'm not really feeling it... And then I don't like Mandy Moore at all but whatevs. And the best kicker?? It doesn't release in Australia until JANUARY. How not fair is that?
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Day 01 → Your favorite song
Day 02 → Your favorite movie

the rest of the list )

You know, I really don't think I have a favourite movie outside of the Disney realm, except perhaps the LotR movies because they're just... wheee! It doesn't matter what kind of mood I'm in, I can put in any of those movies and they just make me feel better, even when I'm already happy. =) The only other favourite movies I have that can do that are Disney movies...and sometimes musicals.

But my favourite Disney movies? Well, right now my top five would be: Lilo & Stitch, Wall-E, Enchaanted, Beauty and the Beast, and Up.

It's odd really. In the past year, Stitch unofficially became my favourite Disney character. Without realising it, he just kinda popped into my life. I realised at some point that I quote him more than I quote any other Disney character and he's all around me. He's the only stuffed animal I posses. Actually, that's a lie, John won a little silly stuffed aminal of the dog Dug from the movie Up from one of those crane games that I've kept so...two then. But he's a stuffed animal. He's a 32oz coffee mug. He's a travel coffee mug. He's a pen. He's a keychain. He's a desktop! =P I am...all Stitched up! He's just adorable...
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I went on a trilogy-ish spree last night, in that I watched the third of a few of the Disney Trilogies. Yes, Disney made trilogies... They're not excellent, but they're fun to watch sometimes. Cinderella, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King (sort of)... The music isn't fabulous and neither is the animation, but they make me giggle.

And, in an effort to start posting more, I, like so many others have done, am going to start the 30 Day Meme. =)

So! For the first one, I give you "Pure Imagination"! Yes, it's the song from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Yes, it's my favourite song.

Day 01 → Your favorite song

The song was also done by Maroon 5, the sound having more of an edge to it that would give it a Danny Elfman-ish vibe to go along with the remake Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that was made a few years ago...this youtube vid kinda REALLY blows but it's the song that matters, right?

lyrics and the rest of the days... )
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Was really not expecting her, and definitely wasn't expecting a couple of those in my top five, but cool beans. Vi rocks and I LOVE her powers. With a little more control, they be totally rockin'...

Find Out Which Disney Girl You Are!
created with QuizFarm.com
You scored as Violet

She's quiet, reserved, and insecure, Violet is definitely out of place amongst her super powered family. However, much like you, she just needs to step out of herself and trust that she's a truly awesome person, and that people really do like her! You don't need super powers to be truly incredible!



Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)










Snow White

















Mar. 21st, 2008 11:26 pm
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Went to Disneyland today. So much happiness. I don't know what it is, but Disneyland just makes me feel good. I'm a prime example of Disney being the happiest place on earth because when I'm there, I'm truly and absolutely happy. My only real regret about life so far is that I've not ever been given the chance to work there. Disney was my only truly desired job and I was, sadly, a reject.

But! Jess ordered Enchanted and it came in today! Am watching it currently and it just makes me SO HAPPY. The singing and the happy and the dancing and the LOVE...

Anyway. My list of expenses this month is WAY TOO rediculous. Got a larger than normal paycheck and birthday money so went a tad bit overboard.

$111.98 - karaoke discs for the karaoke machine my employees bought me for my birthday!
$49.95 - Barnes & Noble: a mini tarot deck (something urged me to buy it, not sure why), a knitting kit, and the Yale Shakespeare book of his complete works...
$15.95 - a bauble that looked too cute
$57.08 - DVDs from Columbia House of which I am a member so yay DVDs for discount
$32.94 - Isis Books for "The Gilded Tarot" set...after buying the mini deck I had the impulse to go searching for a deck with a design and artwork that appealed more to me...
$53.70 - Disney Movie Club of which I am also a member yay for Disney DVDs on discount!
$97.78 - Disneyland! already have the season pass, but food and other memories from Disneyland are always a plus for me...

In addition I've spent about $400 give or take $10 on bills, and $350 on the first half of rent for April. So altogether I've spent almost $1200 since the start of the month and it's only 2/3 over. Not good. Not entirely bad, but not good. O_o

[EDIT: Add to that the $80 that I spent at BPAL but that won't be deducted for another two and a half weeks because that seems to be how they work with me...sadness]

August my phone is good for an upgrade. I'm considering the iPhone, but battery life sucks on that...like, really sucks... Also looking at two different versions of the Blackberry, but one of them doesn't have a camera on it. I'm also looking at the Moto Q Global which looks like the PERFECT phone, in addition to having an extra battery for extended battery life. The only thing it doesn't have is a touch screen, but I really don't care about that. O_O

But that's it for now, and it's taken me from the beginning of the movie to the ball room scene where she bites the apple to finish this entry. I'm a sad sorry person.


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