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So, I haven't been on-line for like...a week. OMG I know, a WEEK right?! =P lol

Lots of things happened...flew to the states, got a wedding dress fitted, did a bachelor/ette party thing and then, hey, a wedding! =P One of The Goodner Girls has finally been married off in a public ceremony! My family is sooooo happy. My parents are ecstatic because they can finally say they have a son, even in my dear darling John is a son-in-law. Of course, they're happier now that they're all in Hawai'i. I'm somewhat amused by the fact that after my wedding, my family is in Maui and I'm in San Diego. But I'm happy and enjoying life with my hubby and that's all that matters. The San Diego Wild Animal Park has four baby elephants and they were SO adorable! We also got to see two of the older but not oldest (eldest?) elephants fighting and seriously looking like they were trying to drown each other in their water hole area. It was quite amusing. Next stop Sea World! I get to get my marine aminal craziness on!

On the completely opposite side of the emotional spectrum, is it wrong that I'm mad at my best friend? Wedding was on Friday, I gave her my camera to take pictures at the reception, she was supposed to see me on Saturday before John and I left for San Diego and she never did. It was her responsibility to contact me because she was getting a Brazilian wax done and didn't know what time it would be over. That was supposed to be a morning thing. We didn't leave for San Diego til 8pm! Because of her lack of ability to pick up a fucking phone ALL DAY, I am now using disposables on my "honeymoon". Do I have the right to be even a little upset about this? *sigh* Pictures will be up once I get the CD or whatever from the photographer once we get back from SD...
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Bridal shower went fantiastically. I have such wonderful sisters...when they want to throw a party. =P Yes...when my family wants to throw a party they're all fabulous...but any other time? Too much is just too much. Don't get me wrong, I love my family, but the three weeks I've been back in the states is just enough time to be back to visit. I'm quite ready to go back home to my fiancee in my own private fairyland. He has made this whole relationship my very own version of a fairytale and I love it. And I love him. He just makes everything better for me. And he makes me want to be there for him and to make his life just as wonderful. =) wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

So...wedding ceremony and reception pretty much planned in three weeks. Ladies, if you think it's not possible, I am here to tell you now, IT IS. Colours, theme, centerpieces, invitations, thank yous, flowers, reception venue, dj, photographer, dress, MoH dress, shoes, reception dress, reception shoes, lighting, minister/civil celebrant person, all of it! THREE WEEKS. It can be done and it can be done beautifully. All you need is an insane father who LOVES doing all of it. =) All I need is to make sporadic phone calls to make sure everything is running as smoothly as was planned. Yeehaw!!


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